About Me

I’m Bennett, but you can call me Ben.

I’ve loved sports since I was little, but it was a carefully constructed house of cards by my sperm donor, a means for him to hide some of his more nefarious behavior. Still, despite him, my love for #hockey persists. The last ten years have also found me following #MotoGP, and it’s hard to explain the adrenaline rush even watching it creates, until you watch it yourself.

Having been diagnosed as #ActuallyAutistic in my mid-30s was such a relief. Finally I had explanations for the mannerisms, the quirks that controlled my life. With the help of amazing mental health professionals, I’ve begun to untangle some of the unhealthy coping mechanisms Autism gave me that I employed over the years. Now I control my quirks rather than the other way around!

Those same mental health professionals have me more balanced than I’ve been in my life. I’m not the failure sperm donor used to tell me I was. I make mistakes and I’m not perfect – but no one else is either.

I’ve learned to embrace myself, quirks and all and with the help of smart home technology (in my house, spearheaded by #HomeAssistant), I’ve got the tools to structure my days in such a way as to make my life easier.

Hit up the contact (or comment on a post) if you’ve got any questions for me!